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Oh Elena loved puppies but she had to be resilient to men’s charms. If she was completely susceptible, then she would fail at her job as a diplomat. Elena was amused as she watched him change tactics. “Was not one kiss enough, caro? Additionally, this closet is becoming quite warm.” Blue eyes sparkled as she pressed her lips together.

"Does not the lady handle heat~?" he teased, placing a kiss to her cheek. "I thought this was quite the tough woman."


Elena had to giggle at that. Maybe just maybe she will let him have it . Though seeing him try to convince her with those eyes half tempted her to say no. “Oh dear. You have to try harder than that.”. A small giggle but she drew back closer . “What are you going to do to convince me to stay, hm?”

"Kiss you once more~?" he asked, noticing that this was probably not a puppy-lady. He then allowed his smile to do the work instead. "If I’m allowed~"



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"My, my~" Callisto hummed as he watched the red-head. "What brings the leader of Shimon and Giotto’s best friend to my humble home?"


Elena chuckled and smiled . “I can also see that. Charm and good looks can lead to quite a but of tumble if one is not careful.” The blonde hummed as he kissed her again. Very mischievously, she nipped and pecked his lips back before starting to let go. “Oh? “. Her cheeks warmed at that but she gave him a sly smile. ” I see . Any case, I do believe your seven minutes are up .”, the woman teased, attempting to move away now.

Allowing her the space but didn’t fully let her go. “Can’t we have seven more minutes?” he asked, tilting his head once more to give off a perfect ‘puppy-eye’ look. He had heard from quite a few that it was quite a sweet and innocent look.

Not that he was very innocent but it was completely beside the point~


"I must be, hm? To charm the men into our favor takes skill and practice. As for the kissing , I will leave that to your imagination.", the blonde teased, squeaking lightly as he pulled at her again. Cheeks burned again as she felt his lips, fingers twirling in his locks as she returned it softly. What exactly was she doing ? Panting lightly, she combed her fingers through his hair. "I am sure ..many do like this side. I can see why. What person can resist this, hm?"

Closing his eyes and tilting his head at the caress to his hair. “Oh, trust me, my dear, there are a lot that even resent me.” he chuckled, peering one eye open before stealing another kiss.

"I’m glad you’re not one of them though~ You’re quite irresistible yourself~" he hadn’t meant to tell her that, but oh well~


"I may have had practice~", the blonde teased, a breathless sound escaping her lips at the nip. Still quite hazy from that french kiss, Elena smiled lazily and returned it with a quick peck of his own. His lips addicting, as was his warmth and sound of him in this moment. Perhaps it was lust talking or something more, but the blonde didn’t really want to move. Maybe in a moment or so, when her faculties return in full force. Until then, what was the harm in this until the door unlocked ?

"And I assume you have as well~. Judging by your charms, rugged good looks and kiss~You must have tempted and seduced so many." 

He chuckled breathlessly once more. “My, my, my lady is a very good charmer herself. She must have gotten it somewhere.” he teased and pulled her closer, stealing a gentle kiss and felt how his heart fluttered.

"Heh, people have called me that, I’m not entirely sure myself but other’s seem to enjoy that side of me."


Elena’s chest rubbed roughly against his own as she panted. Her blue eyes opened slowly and focused on the other, orbs glazed over slightly from that kiss. There were hardly any words to describe that lengthy kiss. It was long, exhilarating, tender. The blonde had not anticipated that it would be..that good. Certainly she knew he was a charmer and most likely a good kisser among other things, but it was still a surprise.

When the blonde spoke, her voice was a bit husky and soft, her lips swollen. “Callisto..that was..amazing.” was the only thing she could say between pants, his lips still so deliciously close, his eyes warm as his cheeks. She wanted to kiss him again.

A breathless chuckle escaped his lips at her words, not hiding that her tone of voice sent another shiver down his spine. “You’re an excellent kisser… my dear…” he whispered, daring to nip her tender lip, the taste of her lips were so sweet and intoxicating.

The sweet, delirious kind that would get him into such troubles. Not that he cared if he got into trouble. He was already in trouble in one way.

Or was it that he didn’t care that he might, just might, starting to get feelings for this extraordinary woman?


Heat flared beneath her skin, as one of her hands on his chest slid up to entangle in his hair. What was thinking ? Elena felt the male’s chiseled body pressing even more intimately against her softer curves, quiet sounds echoing from her throat.

Cheeks deepened in color as she accepted the kiss, mouth molded by his. Her tongue glided against his, returning the favor, curling and rubbing lightly. Her fingers tightened in his hair as her body fully laid against his. It was warm, exciting, sensuous and delicious. To eventually break this kiss would not be easy.

Feeling slightly light-headed due to the lack of air but he didn’t want to break this wonderfully intoxicating kiss. He allowed his hands to caress her back softly and tenderly.

It took another moment before he pulled back from the kiss, just enough so that their lips still were close but still enough so they could get some air, panting slightly as he opened his eyes to look at her, her cheeks still coloured sweetly. He was sure his own cheeks had some slight colour to it due to the warmth and lack of air.