I’m off to bed, I’m so damned tired right now!

Good night every one!

Don’t you know? It’s my JOB to know these things~ *smirk*

"Oh crap… ummm… if I give you a Pokémon, would you keep this a secret?"


"Is that so ? At least you make it interesting." Another tease. Looking at him for a moment , she paused and then leaned in and tiptoed to kiss his cheek. "There you go~.".

He blinked once, actually haven’t expected such a gentle thing from the lady but he smiled nonetheless. “Why, thank you my fair lady. That was very kind of you.”

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"If I truly believed that, Signore, would I be here in front of you ? That would make no sense." Elena flashed him a teasingly smile and hummed. "You know I am only partially teasing, bello."

"Oh, I know." he smiled, kissing her hand once more before letting it go. "But it’s not in my nature to go against such teasing but play along with them."

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Anonymous whispered:
Is there anyone you wish to kiss and touch right now ?

"I know someone I’d love to kiss and hug and touch right now."



"No~I am happy just watching. Besides, I do not believe you are sorry at all. Breaking all the women’s heart with that wicked smile of yours."

"You speak of me as a vicious man that goes his way to break women’s heart." he smiled, taking her hand gently, moving it up so he could kiss her knuckles. "Do you see me as such a man?"

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pokemontrainerishtar whispered:
Why the hell do you look like Professor Sycamore from the Kalos region?

"Shh. That’s my secret occupation, no one should ever find out."

Looks at in amusement.

"You want to join in, my fair lady~?"

Anonymous whispered:
Do you like to tease or be teased ?

"A mix of both is the best way to go."


Elena remained silent for a bit, the smile she had turning from one of contentment, to sadness. “That is also true, but the company I desire is out of my reach. I rather a few people I care about, than empty compliments and attention from strangers.” Her fingers curled into his jacket for a brief moment.

"For now, let is not sour our night, si ? And do not be silly. I fail to see how associating with you would ruin my social life. Once again, I rather you than a room full of strangers."

He flashed her another smile. “That’s a better way to see it, let’s enjoy this evening than speaking of unpleasant things.”

How being with me could ruin your life? Being around me ruins it for so many. But he wouldn’t tell her that of course, he enjoyed her company very much after all.

"I’m very flattered that you enjoy my company that much that you’d prefer it over that party."

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